Farm Fresh Eggs

As we build our flock, the opportunity to share in the fruits of their labors is here.  We have set up a relationship with Bloominkraft in Aurora, who have agreed to help us by supporting our “egg subscription” service.  Please check out their site, and sign up for a subscription.  We will make sure that you have as many eggs as you need on a regular basis, and we will deliver them to one of several drop-off locations around the Denver and Aurora metro.  Please give them a try, and you will agree that the quality and taste is well beyond what you are used to getting.

Zorn Family Farms Egg Subscription via Bloominkraft

As the Farm Grows

Well, this year has flown by thus far, and it shows no signs of slowing now.  We have over an acre of new garden already producing some fantastic purely natural vegetables and we are loving the fresh food.  At the store, Wine & Whey,  we are going through a transition in the organization, and will soon be conducting “Farm to Table” meals and celebrations to honor the bountiful harvests.  Keep an eye on our calendar, and we will be sharing the exact dates soon.

Hello Friends!

In this particular case, the chicken came before the egg. Since it has been a while, I feel I should let everyone know that everything is going very well, our flock has increased to beyond 60 chickens and our eggs are coming out faster than we can weave the baskets to hold them. Our all-natural and farm fresh eggs, of course are always on sale for $5 per dozen in the River North district of Denver.

We are also going to be keeping chickens for meat, and offering chicken shares for anyone who enjoys a cage-free chicken that is not treated with any antibiotics or hormones. There is more information about our Chicken Share Program on our website in the “Chicken Shares” tab. If you ever have any questions always feel free to send us an email. We would also love to hear what you make with your delicious eggs.

Stay Tuned, over the next few months, we will be announcing “Open Farm” days. On which, we would love to have anyone visit us here at the farm to share and learn about the joy we get every day by caring for our wonderful family of animals. Hope to see you soon

-Zorn Family

Hello, friends! It’s been a while!

We’ve been extremely busy not only getting our shop, Wine & Whey, ready but also getting our farm up and running. Wine & Whey is in the River North district here in Denver, Colorado and has been running quite successfully for a year. We are teaching classes on cheese and wine making and selling kits to our customers so that they can make cheese and wine at home as well. Check out Wine & Whey on Facebook for more information on when classes and events are being held.

Since we last posted, we have purchased 40 acres of land in Bennett, Colorado and are beginning to build up livestock. We are now up to 29 chickens and counting! We are also getting a bunch of beautiful eggs every day. We are going to sell our natural, free range eggs for $5.00 a dozen. If you’re interested in buying eggs from us you can contact us through our Zorn Family Farms Facebook or contact our VP of Sales, Michael Zorn at (520) 576-0178 or email him at

We are very busy here building up a new chicken coop and yard for our ever increasing flock. We are going to get goats and we’re also looking into getting cows. You know what that means: fresh, yummy cheese!! We are going to keep everyone involved in our future adventures here at the farm, so keep an eye out!

Meet the Cheese Maker and Learn the Art

Very soon, Pamela will be teaching classes to help anyone, that takes the classes, learn how to make their own cheese at home.  She will include a full walk through and mentoring as needed.  On top of that, the store that is hosting the classes will also be sure to have all of the supplies and tools that you will need so you can go home and immediately create your own cheese.  The first classes will be focused on Mozzarella and Ricotta.  Everyone that enjoyed our cheeses will remember that the difference in fresh cheese is well worth the effort.  We can’t wait to share this with everyone,  and as soon as we have the class dates solidified, we will be sure to update all of our friends.  Stay Tuned