Sorry it’s been so long

I know its been a while since I wrote, I’ve been a little scatter brained since we are getting ready for a long vacation.
We are leaving this Thursday to fly from Denver to Dublin, from Dublin to Rome, from Rome to Frankfurt and then back to Rome to take a two week cruise.
Ron signed me up for a cooking class in Rome on Tuesday and then when we go to Germany, we get to spend Thanksgiving with my son and his family. I get to meet one of my new grand babies!
I’m hoping at some point we will be able to visit a couple of Dairies while in Europe.

On a cheese note….. I made 4 gallons of whole milk into about 6 lbs of fresh mozzarella cheese this week. I also made a 6-7 pound wheel of asiago cheese. I have 4 pounds of a very tasty green chili cheddar in the cave and two wheels( about 4 lbs) of Cotswold in the cave.
I made a six gallon batch of feta that I aged for two weeks and then sealed with my food saver.

Ron and I went to the Colorado Cheese Festival last weekend and tasted some really great cheeses. We met a lot of really great people including Steve!
Steve makes and smokes his own sausages. We talked and he mentioned that he makes an Asiago sausage…..Hence me making the wheel of Asiago. We agreed to a trade. I will make the cheese he will make the sausage, I give him cheese, he gives me sausage and he agreed to smoke some mozzarella for me.

I will be updating on Facebook with pictures of our trip. I’m not sure I will be able to publish while we are in Europe so I will draft updates as I go and then publish in three weeks when we get back.



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  1. alice harvel

    Boy, you have been busy! Have a wonderful trip to Europe and places, will wait for trip updates when you have time, would love to read about everything. love, alice


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