Breaking News!!!!!! As of today, I am licensed to make and sell cheese!!!!!

Yesterday I secured our rental kitchen space and today I applied for and received a professional business license to produce and sell cheese.  Tomorrow I will make my first batch of legal cheese. I plan on making an asiago type cheese. I can’t call it asiago, so we are kicking around a few names for it. I would love to hear any suggestions you may have.  Just write your suggestions in the comment section. The name will be announced in the next few weeks.

I will make a giant batch of blue cheese this weekend and that should be ready in 4-6 weeks.

I’m excited and nervous. I know that my cheese is good. I’m just worried that I can’t sell it. I know that people say they will, but when faced with the wheel of cheese, will they buy it?

We are talking to the banks now to find out about financing for the piece of land that we found. We are talking to the FSA about loans and programs to get us started. As we move forward it seems like we find more and more has to be done. The list grows and I’m just trying not to let myself get overwhelmed.

I’m hoping that as we get closer to the day that we get to move onto the land, I will be able to count on more people (my brother) to help me. Ron and Matt built me an awesome cheese press. It can press up to 8 wheels of cheese at a time. The only downside to the press is that it weighs about 400 lbs. I need lots of help to move it.

As I type this, my hands are swelling and burning from the chemical burns. I am dehydrating about 3 lbs of New Mexico green chili for my green chili cheese. I had to peel and clean them to prep them for the dehydrator. I am a little sensitive to the capsaicin in them. The house, however, smells wonderful! Worth the burn, I think. I will be able to make the green chili cheese next week. That will be available in 6 months. Sorry, it really does take that long.

I will take pictures of the kitchen and the space I am making cheese in and post the pictures later. As soon as the cheese is in the press, I will take pictures of the cheese too!

BTW, Welcome to all the new people who have subscribed to our blog. For all the people who have been with me the whole time, we will soon have a new front page! I will have a link to contact me, buy now and a link to the blog. Tune in for changes soon!

Okay, I have to go nurse my poor hands now. I will post again soon!

6 thoughts on “Breaking News!!!!!! As of today, I am licensed to make and sell cheese!!!!!

  1. George

    Ok, I’ve got one more based on the way I heard someone else pronounce “asiago”. It sounded sort of like “As we go” cheese.

    Or you could just call it “Pamela”

  2. Ringo Firefly

    I believe a huge CONGRATULATIONS is in order here! This is fantastical news, Pam! It’s wonderful to finally see the fruits of your labor. Can’t wait to try some of them once you’re all settled in the shipping department. Looking forward to following your continued success x

  3. Mr Rich McGaughey

    I just hear about this. I know this is a big step and how hard it is to accomplish this.
    Big congratulations.
    When you get a moment I’d like to know if you accept visitors. I would like to stop by ,no firm plan just whenever I am coming your way from Arvada,Co. email me a phone , address and email if you would be so kind. I will talk with you more if you want other visitors.
    Rich the Denver cheese teacher


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