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Due to smoke, asthma attacks and some kind of bug we all picked up, I’m a little behind on my reporting.

Even with the heat, sales are going well.  I decided to make cottage cheese instead of ricotta this week. More people use cottage cheese just as it is, or with fruit, than they do the ricotta.  Matthew went very light with the salt in the cottage cheese and that turned out to be a good thing.  Our cottage cheese fares well with fruit or even savory with a tomato, and has turned into a big seller.

I hope you saw the wheels of CUI on Facebook.  We have made smaller ones (8 to 10ozs) to be use on cheese trays.  They are really pretty and look great next to the stoney bleu.

We have been selling pounds and pounds of feta cheese and are now offering bleu cheese crumbles for salads or to sprinkle on a steak. Yum

We are gearing up for the Elizabeth Celtic Festival, their 20th anniversary.  The menu isn’t set in stone, but we are looking forward to quite a nice offering.  I will publish my menu as soon as we know for sure.  For you that will be at the Festival, we hope you will plan at least a couple of meals around our menu.  Those of you who can’t be there, we are sorry you are missing some great food.                                                                                 To top everything off, our article has finally come out.  That is right, a few weeks ago, we were interviewed for an online magazine called “My Life with Style”.  They are a local Colorado group and really like how we are adding to the area by providing our great cheeses yet maintaining the standards we only hear about presently.  Please check out the article, you can get there by clicking on this link; http://www.dpub.us/LWS/LWS-7-12.html

We are on page 14 of the magazine.

See you this week at the Farmer’s Markets

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  1. George Moore

    I have a question about Feta:
    (background first) I have heard that Feta can be stored for long periods of time in brine or in olive oil. When doing so, some people will add herbs or other seasonings especially if they plan on using it for a particular use or recipe. For instance, I have seen it stored in olive oil with Greek herbs in anticpation of adding it to a Greek salad.

    The question is, do you recommend storing in brine, or in olive oil, and if you use herbs, which ones would you recommend?



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