Let’s Catch Up – So much to Share

It’s been awhile so I’ll catch everyone up on the life and times of Zorn family farms.

The Elizabeth Celtic festival was fun but it was so hot, customers were lethargic and it affected sales.  We learned a lot, met some great people and had some good food.  We will do it again next year with new ideas.

Much to everyone’s delight, our son, Michael, moved home. We have missed him and will put him to work.  Michael has decided to grow mushrooms on the farm, which will provide us with some very interesting possible combinations.   He has researched the subject thoroughly and with his organization skills, we have no doubt that he will be great at it and a good addition to the farm.


We have been invited to other farmers markets, and now that Michael is here, we have the manpower to do two markets on the same day.

It’s also nice to have extra help in kitchen, I get to boss everyone, one of my favorite things, (I’m also very good at it)

I had the opportunity to listen to a noted farmer, and author, who has reawakened long lost farming techniques and has tons of information that we will be able to use on the farm.  I spent the day listening to him speak and show specific samples, but I will go further into the visit in a later post, soon.  It was a fantastic experience.


We set up on Friday at the Farmers market in Woodland Park.  It’s a small place the back side of Pikes Peak at 8500 feet.  It’s a market with produce and craft vendors, yet no one else selling cheese, so we will try it for a while.   We really enjoyed the people there.

We are still selling large amounts of feta, cream cheese and cottage cheese.  Once people taste these cheeses made with no additives, they can’t get enough.

One thought on “Let’s Catch Up – So much to Share

  1. Judy Crummett

    Just a note to say that, although Woodland Park is a small town, the market is one of the biggest in Colorado, and currently No.1 in the state in America’s Favorite Farmers Markets. Also, we do have another cheese seller – The Stone Creek Farmstead – but they have (excellent) goat milk cheese only.
    The market has a few crafters, but most are in the adjacent Arts & Crafts Fair – an independent event.
    We love having Zorn cheeses there, and hope they decide to be permanent vendors – also for the Winter Market in Oct, Nov, Dec. Lovely selection!
    See our Facebook page for more on Zorn Family Farms, and other vendors.


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