As the Season Ebbs

A short update for you.
The farmers markets are winding down for the season so I won’t be making any more fresh cheeses.  I do have cheese for sale.  Check this site for address and locations.
Disaster struck! Due to an appliance malfunction, 17 wheels of cheese froze.  That’s about 100 pounds of cheese.  Half of it was ready to package and it is now chalk.  The other half needed more aging but freezing stops the aging process.
It was quite an expensive loss, but more than that, I put so much time and me into those cheeses.I had a melt down and have to admit that I cried a bit, quite a bit.
Well, no use crying over spoiled cheese.  I am back to cheese making. I need to replace the Great White and C.U.I. that I lost.
Some exciting things are coming up which I will share in a later blog.  Stay tuned.

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