Time Flies when you Love what you do

I just wanted to take a few minutes to share some updates.  The whole family has been moving and shaking in their own ways over the last few months.  The family has actually grown by two more recently.  The farm purchase has seen more hurdles than most track and field maintenance man, but the trek continues.  On a side note, we are working to get a few retail locations set up in the next few months so we can get back to sharing the cheese.  The good side to this extra time is that the cheese cave is packed with some fantastic rounds that are reaching ages that we have not been able to offer before.  Our Stark Naked wheels are approaching a full year now, and they taste incredible.

I am working to set up an event where we can share everything with all of you.  More news to come, we hope to see you all soon.

Stay Tuned

One thought on “Time Flies when you Love what you do

  1. Judy Crummett

    Looking forward to seeing the cheese back in Teller county as soon as you can get it there. Hope the farm comes together very soon, and the whole operation gets up and running as it should be.
    Miss my cottage cheese!


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