Hello, friends! It’s been a while!

We’ve been extremely busy not only getting our shop, Wine & Whey, ready but also getting our farm up and running. Wine & Whey is in the River North district here in Denver, Colorado and has been running quite successfully for a year. We are teaching classes on cheese and wine making and selling kits to our customers so that they can make cheese and wine at home as well. Check out Wine & Whey on Facebook for more information on when classes and events are being held.

Since we last posted, we have purchased 40 acres of land in Bennett, Colorado and are beginning to build up livestock. We are now up to 29 chickens and counting! We are also getting a bunch of beautiful eggs every day. We are going to sell our natural, free range eggs for $5.00 a dozen. If you’re interested in buying eggs from us you can contact us through our Zorn Family Farms Facebook or contact our VP of Sales, Michael Zorn at (520) 576-0178 or email him at Michael@zornfamilyfarms.com.

We are very busy here building up a new chicken coop and yard for our ever increasing flock. We are going to get goats and we’re also looking into getting cows. You know what that means: fresh, yummy cheese!! We are going to keep everyone involved in our future adventures here at the farm, so keep an eye out!

2 thoughts on “Hello, friends! It’s been a while!

  1. Cathie

    So glad to hear that you’ve finally found a farm! Sorry the place in Matheson didn’t work out. We would have loved having you as neighbors!
    Great success to you and the family!

  2. alice harvel

    Great article and fun to know what you guys are doing. Would like lots of photos of your place sometime, I know you are really busy.


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