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Our Trip to Europe

Hi everyone!
I met lots of new people on our trip, handed out lots of business cards and ‘hopefully’ made a few lifelong friends.
I’m posting some of the pictures here and will make a link for you to look at all the pictures from the trip, if you like.
We started out in Dublin, Ireland for one night, then went on to Rome for five nights. We went to Germany for Thanksgiving with my son and his family and then back to Rome to start our 14 night cruise.
We tasted and bought cheese everywhere we could. we even managed to bring some aged Parmesan back from Rome, in our luggage.
Yes, we claimed it on our customs tag and they let it through.
By the end of the cruise, my fingers were itching to make cheese. So when I got home, I made lots of mozzarella for a friend to smoke for me.
I made some in the style of the fresh Buffalo Mozzarella that we found in Rome. As it turns out, it was too soft for smoking, so I ended up making another batch of firmer cheese for smoking.

these pictures show the WONDERFUL buffalo mozzarella that we ate in Rome.
I will write a separate blog entry for all the cheese we ate while on our trip.
I’m very glad to be home but also missing the vacation.

Sorry it’s been so long

I know its been a while since I wrote, I’ve been a little scatter brained since we are getting ready for a long vacation.
We are leaving this Thursday to fly from Denver to Dublin, from Dublin to Rome, from Rome to Frankfurt and then back to Rome to take a two week cruise.
Ron signed me up for a cooking class in Rome on Tuesday and then when we go to Germany, we get to spend Thanksgiving with my son and his family. I get to meet one of my new grand babies!
I’m hoping at some point we will be able to visit a couple of Dairies while in Europe.

On a cheese note….. I made 4 gallons of whole milk into about 6 lbs of fresh mozzarella cheese this week. I also made a 6-7 pound wheel of asiago cheese. I have 4 pounds of a very tasty green chili cheddar in the cave and two wheels( about 4 lbs) of Cotswold in the cave.
I made a six gallon batch of feta that I aged for two weeks and then sealed with my food saver.

Ron and I went to the Colorado Cheese Festival last weekend and tasted some really great cheeses. We met a lot of really great people including Steve!
Steve makes and smokes his own sausages. We talked and he mentioned that he makes an Asiago sausage…..Hence me making the wheel of Asiago. We agreed to a trade. I will make the cheese he will make the sausage, I give him cheese, he gives me sausage and he agreed to smoke some mozzarella for me.

I will be updating on Facebook with pictures of our trip. I’m not sure I will be able to publish while we are in Europe so I will draft updates as I go and then publish in three weeks when we get back.



just a small Update

As a start, this video shows the milking machine that we want/plan to have. It may take us some time to get it but if you watch the video, you can see that the cows like it and actually stand in line to be milked. We’ve done some major research on these and it seems like this is the machine we can depend on. It would leave more time in the day for me to make cheese rather than milk cows, and that is after all, what I want/ need to do if we are going to make this a profitable farm.

Here is another link for more info on the milking machine:

We went out looking for land this weekend. We saw some really beautiful and ideal places that we can not afford. As a result, we have re-thought what our starting point is going to be.
We had planned on finding 200-500 acres, rolling hills, maybe some trees and plenty of water. Now I think we are looking for 70-90 acres with rolling hills and plenty of water. I want to spend less on the initial outlay and spend the money on getting more cows up-front and the milking shed and the cheese room right.
We decided to start smaller and if (when) we do well, we can buy more land. Even if that means we re-locate later. In the long run I just think we can be self-supporting faster by starting small. Or smaller than we initially planned.

I made a six gallon batch of cheddar with chilies this week, it turned out beautiful, and yesterday I made a four gallon batch of one of my favorite cheeses, Cotswold. It is on the drying board right now and I’m not going to wax this one. I am planning on a natural rind. It should be JUST ready to hand out as Christmas gifts. I may have to make another one for me to eat. I LOVE this cheese.

Matthew, my brother and his wife Annabelle, and my nephew, Dante, are all moved in and getting settled. Dante lucked out that the fall break in school started this week. so he has an extra week to get acclimated to the altitude and the dryer air.

On a good note, my medication for the asthma seems to have done the trick. Today was my last dose of the icky meds and I haven’t had an attack for three days. Ron and I even went on a nice easy two mile hike (walk). We walked very slowly and took a long time, but I made it and I didn’t have an attack. I hope that means I am adjusting.

Tuesday is the meeting of my San Diego cheese group, Queso Diego. I sure am sad to be missing that. I’m hoping that I will be able to locate and join a Denver group soon.





Since we arrived

We’ve been here a whole week already! Thanks to our wonderful son, Mike, we are all settled in and moved in.
On Sat we went to a ranch that raises the Dexters for beef. They had a lot of girls with new calves and some really good looking bulls. He said that he would probably be interested in buying my boy calves that I’m not going to want to keep. It was a really nice trip and I got to see for myself how friendly and TINY they really are. A couple of the yearling boys came right up to the fence and requested that I scratch their neck for them. I happily obliged. The ranch was nicely kept and the way his cattle reacted to him, showed how much he interacted with them and we could see he really loved them. Oh, and by the way, it did not smell at all! It smelled like fresh hay and earth. It was really nice to see such a great place for the cows.
I’ve been having a lot of trouble breathing still, but today was better and I’m hoping that means I am getting better. The weather has been warm in the daytime and nice and cool at night. It sure makes sleeping easy. Although I have been waking up really early. Good practice for when I get the cows!

My brother and his family should be here any day now and I’m really looking forward to spending time with him/them.
Mike got his mushroom kit in the mail today so he can pin down what kind of mushrooms he wants to grow.
We met with a soon-to be- lawyer who specializes in farm law and stuff. He was really nice and has already sent us some information that will be helpful.



We made the first move!!

Okay, I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated. I have an excuse( reason ). We did it! We moved to Colorado. It is the first step in getting the farm up and running.
Ron and Mike seem to be adjusting to the altitude, I, however, am having asthma attacks, one after the other. I have to use my inhaler every four hours on the dot or suffer the coughing fit.

So, now that we are here, the list of things to do is endless. We need to start looking at land again, before the snow flies.
I need to find the two farms here in CO that already have the Dexters that I’m going to need.
I’m hoping to visit the farms and maybe work for a couple of days with them. (after I catch my breath)
The next steps involve grants and loans and USDA stuff. So the winter will be busy with all that.

On CO, so far I really like the people, everyone is really friendly. A few of our neighbors came and introduced themselves. We have a really great view of Pikes Peak from our back deck. I’m told that we have deer, bears, hawks, coyotes, and MOUNTAIN LIONS! We have a small park behind our house that a lion suns himself in, on of the slides. Great!

I will update again soon. Have to get some unpacking done.