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As the Season Ebbs

A short update for you.
The farmers markets are winding down for the season so I won’t be making any more fresh cheeses.  I do have cheese for sale.  Check this site for address and locations.
Disaster struck! Due to an appliance malfunction, 17 wheels of cheese froze.  That’s about 100 pounds of cheese.  Half of it was ready to package and it is now chalk.  The other half needed more aging but freezing stops the aging process.
It was quite an expensive loss, but more than that, I put so much time and me into those cheeses.I had a melt down and have to admit that I cried a bit, quite a bit.
Well, no use crying over spoiled cheese.  I am back to cheese making. I need to replace the Great White and C.U.I. that I lost.
Some exciting things are coming up which I will share in a later blog.  Stay tuned.

Let’s Catch Up – So much to Share

It’s been awhile so I’ll catch everyone up on the life and times of Zorn family farms.

The Elizabeth Celtic festival was fun but it was so hot, customers were lethargic and it affected sales.  We learned a lot, met some great people and had some good food.  We will do it again next year with new ideas.

Much to everyone’s delight, our son, Michael, moved home. We have missed him and will put him to work.  Michael has decided to grow mushrooms on the farm, which will provide us with some very interesting possible combinations.   He has researched the subject thoroughly and with his organization skills, we have no doubt that he will be great at it and a good addition to the farm.


We have been invited to other farmers markets, and now that Michael is here, we have the manpower to do two markets on the same day.

It’s also nice to have extra help in kitchen, I get to boss everyone, one of my favorite things, (I’m also very good at it)

I had the opportunity to listen to a noted farmer, and author, who has reawakened long lost farming techniques and has tons of information that we will be able to use on the farm.  I spent the day listening to him speak and show specific samples, but I will go further into the visit in a later post, soon.  It was a fantastic experience.


We set up on Friday at the Farmers market in Woodland Park.  It’s a small place the back side of Pikes Peak at 8500 feet.  It’s a market with produce and craft vendors, yet no one else selling cheese, so we will try it for a while.   We really enjoyed the people there.

We are still selling large amounts of feta, cream cheese and cottage cheese.  Once people taste these cheeses made with no additives, they can’t get enough.

The Summer is Starting to Heat Up

It’s been a busy time.  I picked up some new customers and have been doing Farmers markets on the weekends.  The first Saturday at Cherry Creek was slow and it rained the second one.  We will try again as we did make some money.  Parker market has been good and fun.  The customers are actually shopping for food.  One customer bought Feta, went home and made an omelet, and came back for more Feta the same day.  Many people are return customers.  I know my cheese tastes good, but it’s nice to have other people think so.

The green chili cheddar (Great White) is selling real well.  We warn people that it’s “hot” before they taste it.  One macho 15year old insisted it wouldn’t be too hot for him.  Big bite, his eyes got big, face turned red and I swear smoke was coming from his ears.  I thought his father was going to fall over from laughing so hard.

Our Stoney Bleu is also selling well.  We sell it in whole or half rounds.  It is a mild bleu that you can eat a lot of.  It looks good on a cheese and fruit platter.  The cream cheese continues to be a big crowd pleaser.

We have sold so much cheese that we ran out of some kinds.  Matt and I have been putting in some long hours making cheese.  We ran out of milk and decided to up our deliveries and get more fridge space.  I remember the first Saturday at the market.  I had been nervous for days that no one would buy my cheese.  I guess that was a waste of energy.

Still working on getting the Farm.  Just made another offer and will keep you posted.

Kind of a fun thing;  I was asked to give a “tasting” at the Italian deli I sell cheese at.  Kind of like a book signing.  I got rained out!  I will try again because I really would like to see how this works.

Farmer’s Market Season Begins

Time for an update, but I’m going to step back a bit.  The Wednesday Before Farmers market, the health dept. inspector decided my cheese could not be sold because my fridge wasn’t cold enough!  You can’t make cheese in a cold fridge.

I did what I usually do when in a panic, I called my mom.  “You know how to handle this” is what she said.  She was right.  I called Ron, who never panics.  He is an action guy.

It seems the dept. of agriculture is in charge of us, and not the local health dept.  This really nice guy jumped right in and had us ok’d and ready to go by Friday morning.

Farmers market was fun.  We met lots of really nice people, got some good contacts, and actually made some money.

I didn’t realize that my brother, Matt, is such a super salesman.  My cream cheese is his favorite.  He urged people to try it by handing them a tasting spoon and raving about the cheese.  I love the look people get on their faces when they try fresh cream cheese for the first time.  Needless to say, we sold a lot of cream cheese.  Unfortunately, with no preservatives, the cheese doesn’t keep well and I will have to dispose of the leftovers.

I cut one of my little bries and it is all runny and perfect.   I will try not to eat my profits.

I’ve picked up two more wholesale customers, a deli and a caterer.  I’m working hard to get my cheeses and our name known so when I get my own store, they will know me and come to me.

Now, back to getting ready for Farmers market again.  Hopefully we learned a few things.  I’ll let you know.

If you can, please come down and see us at the market.  We would love to talk to all of you that are following us.  Thank you for the support.


Have an update from (almost) down on the farm. We inspected a small herd (20) of cows. They are so cute! most of them haven’t had babies yet but the little bull will take care of that. I get to see how good I am at teaching a cow to be milked. Yes, city dwellers, they do have to be trained. After they get used to it, they like it.
The financing is still being worked on. That always takes awhile, more rules. I need a place to put those cows!
Some good news for me. Robinsons dairy, the dairy I buy my milk from, is going to deliver it to the kitchen for me. It takes a load off my back, saves gas and time. I’m always short on time.
I have had some issues with the city health Dept. They don’t know how cheese is made so are balky about how I make mine. Ron went to the top, and got us a new inspector that actually understands how cheese is made and so we are free to do it they way it should be done now.
My Great White, The Cheese That Bites Back! is ready to eat. It is hot. I’m anxious to get feed back on it. I already have been given suggestions on how to use it.
Note from mom; ” I just got mine today. It is hot hot hot! Nachos for lunch and Mexican pizza for dinner. Yum”