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Time Flies when you Love what you do

I just wanted to take a few minutes to share some updates.  The whole family has been moving and shaking in their own ways over the last few months.  The family has actually grown by two more recently.  The farm purchase has seen more hurdles than most track and field maintenance man, but the trek continues.  On a side note, we are working to get a few retail locations set up in the next few months so we can get back to sharing the cheese.  The good side to this extra time is that the cheese cave is packed with some fantastic rounds that are reaching ages that we have not been able to offer before.  Our Stark Naked wheels are approaching a full year now, and they taste incredible.

I am working to set up an event where we can share everything with all of you.  More news to come, we hope to see you all soon.

Stay Tuned

Happy Holidays

We are back from our wonderful vacation(research trip) but I’m not quite ready to work yet.  I will be visiting my mom in early January, so will wait to start new cheeses until that visit is over.  I do have aged cheese for sale and am making up Christmas packages for a few.

Please stay tuned for further developments because you know how fast I can get into things.

Here’s wishing all of you a fantastic holiday season and a happy new year.

p.s. I will be starting on a couple new ideas for the new year, so keep an eye out, I will let you know as soon as they are ready to share.

See you soon

Pamela – Cheesemaker

A Quick Update from the Cheesemaker

As usual, I have been very busy making cheese.  I have 200 gals of milk delivered each week and make around 230 lbs of cheese from that milk.  I repeat this every week.  Much of the milk is for the fresh cheeses; feta, ricotta, cottage, cream etc.   The rest is for aged cheese. I choose which cheese to make each morning, and that is usually the only cheese I make that day.  Some must be made on their own because they take many hours and then, others, like bleu cheese, because it likes to “share”.  Extra care must be taken when making bleu cheese.  One stray spore can turn a whole cave bleu.  It’s not dangerous, just annoying.

We recently made a quick trip to Hatch NM for green chilies.  We brought 920 lbs of chilies home.  We had it roasted immediately, so we just had to clean and package it.  It was a BIG job to get all of that in the freezer.  These are the chilies used in my “Great White” cheddar, and we are looking forward to the first new batch, as this harvest is very tasty.

The weather is cooling down and the trip is long so we won’t be doing the market a Woodland park anymore for the market on Fridays, fret not, however, our cheese is for sale at Vintage Vines & The Staircase Gallery at 108 W. Midland Avenue, in Woodland Park.

Parker has a wine walk on Fridays.  You buy a bracelet and go from site to site, tasting wine.  We set up at Main Street Market with our cheese, and met lots of people.  We sold our beautiful cheese boards and had a very fun evening.

As the markets wind down, I will be looking for more outlet stores to sell our cheese, and I will be sure to share the locations on our site.

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and I will be happy to handle your special orders.  The smaller wheels that I am making for the Stoney Blue and the C.U.I (Cow Under the Influence) look beautiful as the center of a gift basket,  or combine several types to share all of our flavors with your friends and family.  please contact us soon.  Shipping in cooler weather won’t be a problem.

Last, but not least, we have been invited to join in the 4th Annual Colorado Cheese Festival next month and look forward to seeing many of you there.  Please check out the website and join us if you can.

Upcoming Event and Big News

Due to smoke, asthma attacks and some kind of bug we all picked up, I’m a little behind on my reporting.

Even with the heat, sales are going well.  I decided to make cottage cheese instead of ricotta this week. More people use cottage cheese just as it is, or with fruit, than they do the ricotta.  Matthew went very light with the salt in the cottage cheese and that turned out to be a good thing.  Our cottage cheese fares well with fruit or even savory with a tomato, and has turned into a big seller.

I hope you saw the wheels of CUI on Facebook.  We have made smaller ones (8 to 10ozs) to be use on cheese trays.  They are really pretty and look great next to the stoney bleu.

We have been selling pounds and pounds of feta cheese and are now offering bleu cheese crumbles for salads or to sprinkle on a steak. Yum

We are gearing up for the Elizabeth Celtic Festival, their 20th anniversary.  The menu isn’t set in stone, but we are looking forward to quite a nice offering.  I will publish my menu as soon as we know for sure.  For you that will be at the Festival, we hope you will plan at least a couple of meals around our menu.  Those of you who can’t be there, we are sorry you are missing some great food.                                                                                 To top everything off, our article has finally come out.  That is right, a few weeks ago, we were interviewed for an online magazine called “My Life with Style”.  They are a local Colorado group and really like how we are adding to the area by providing our great cheeses yet maintaining the standards we only hear about presently.  Please check out the article, you can get there by clicking on this link;

We are on page 14 of the magazine.

See you this week at the Farmer’s Markets