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Surviving the Farmer’s Markets

“For the first time in my life I have found a passion that continues to grow and I can earn a living doing.  And it’s making cheese!” - Pamela Zorn “The Big Cheesemaker”

We sold so much cheese on Saturday that we went to the kitchen after market to make ricotta to have something to sell on Sunday.

We met a vendor who makes Jalapeno jelly.  He looked for us after he heard customers saying they were buying his jelly to use on the fabulous cream cheese they just bought.  He had to try for himself and told us our cream cheese was responsible for him selling more jelly this weekend.  This is good advertising.

Some people ask for sharper cheeses but I haven’t got any cheese older than four months.  As long as the younger cheeses sell so well, none will get older.  Aged cheese will have to wait for the farm.

I am going to buy one more pot, to up our production a little.  I am running out of storage space and won’t be able to make more aged cheese.  I will up my production of the soft cheeses, ricotta and cream, to sell at the park.  Feta cheese is turning out to be a huge seller.  It melts well and isn’t as salty as commercial feta.

Matt (aka li’l curd) and I just made a big batch of cotswold.  It’s a creamy cheddar type flavored with onion and chives.  I gave samples of the curds to the people here in the kitchen and all were anxious to taste the finished product.  Pam, who makes these wonderful cake balls, said she could sit down with a spoon and eat a whole bowl of the curds.  Do you suppose that’s what Miss Muffett was eating?

The cotswold has to age at least one month.  A lot of cheese making is a waiting game.  It can get nerve wracking if you try something new.  Hang in there.  We’ll let you know.


Thank you all again for helping make this such a fantastic journey.

Our Mission, In Ron’s words……

To join with nature in creating products having the quality and value lost from years gone, yet using the advances offered by the modern world’s technology and education allowing us to share with more people.


For those of you that KNOW us, this seems like kind of a strange thing for him to say. However, I’ve always known that Ron cared deeply about all of this. We, for years, have been thinking of ways we could give back to our community and share the great life and happiness that we have found.

We have huge plans in this regard. While we don’t want to farm so we can be poor, our real focus is- How can we help?

I don’t want to give anything away, but in the next few years to come, we will hopefully, make some real impact on other peoples lives.

Remember, all of this started because I finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up. I want to be a Cheesemaker.

I looked to see if there is a better word for that, there isn’t. It describes exactly what I want to do, be and become one of the best at.

We decided to have our own cows rather than buy milk because if I know what the cows are eating, how they are treated, and how the milk is obtained, I can make the best cheese possible. Our cheese will be classified Farmstead because we use our own milk. It’s also classified as Artisan Cheese because I am making small batches, by hand.