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Our Trip to Europe

Hi everyone!
I met lots of new people on our trip, handed out lots of business cards and ‘hopefully’ made a few lifelong friends.
I’m posting some of the pictures here and will make a link for you to look at all the pictures from the trip, if you like.
We started out in Dublin, Ireland for one night, then went on to Rome for five nights. We went to Germany for Thanksgiving with my son and his family and then back to Rome to start our 14 night cruise.
We tasted and bought cheese everywhere we could. we even managed to bring some aged Parmesan back from Rome, in our luggage.
Yes, we claimed it on our customs tag and they let it through.
By the end of the cruise, my fingers were itching to make cheese. So when I got home, I made lots of mozzarella for a friend to smoke for me.
I made some in the style of the fresh Buffalo Mozzarella that we found in Rome. As it turns out, it was too soft for smoking, so I ended up making another batch of firmer cheese for smoking.

these pictures show the WONDERFUL buffalo mozzarella that we ate in Rome.
I will write a separate blog entry for all the cheese we ate while on our trip.
I’m very glad to be home but also missing the vacation.