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International Cheese Technology Exposition

We have been busy. Ron, Matt, and I flew to Milwaukee for two days for a cheese expo. Since my brother Brian was to meet us there, I brought cheeses for him and his wife to sample. Things started out wrong at the airport when I had to throw away the cream cheese and the ricotta. I had called the airport for permission to bring cheese. Apparently they didn’t mean those two cheeses. Too close to being a liquid??
We had requested a fridge for our room at the hotel and they brought it in and plugged it in. I put the cheese away and off to bed. Next morning, the fridge was warm and the brie and bleu cheeses were melted. It was ugly. They were still edible, but ugly.
The expo was huge and very interesting. Our farming operation is going to be too small to use most of the things we saw. Everyone was nice to us and seemed interested in what we were doing. We got a lot of good advice.
They make disposable cheese cloth! That is a biggie for me. We used the cheese cloth on Sat to make a big batch of green chile cheddar and it worked great. One thing we liked were plastic walls that snap together. Instant rooms.
We were able to spend some time with my brother and his wife. They are opening their restaurant soon so they are crazy busy right now.
By the time we got home I was itching to make cheese. Matt and I made 35 rounds of bleu cheese. I am pooped. Tomorrow we will make a batch of green chili cheddar. We want to have a good supply when the Farmers markets start up.
I have large supply of pamphlets and stuff to go through from the expo. I’m not sure what we want from the things we saw. It will take some time to sort things out.
Some exciting new things are peeking around the corner. Will let you know when things pop up.