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Another Month Flies By…. Where is the time going?

Things have been a little smoky and a lot hot here, and we are up late getting ready for the weekend.

Matt(aka li’l curd) and I did two Wednesday markets and were not happy with the results.  We have decided to stick with weekends.. Besides, I need that time to make more cheese.

Along with the feta and cream cheese, I have two nice wheels of asiago and two wheels of farmhouse cheddar.  These are creamy yummy cheese and they sell fast.

Getting ready for the weekend involves a lot of work.  Along with making cheese, all the feta and cream cheese has to be packaged and labeled.  We also use the time to wash down the fridge and storage area. This makes for a busy Friday.

With an eye to the future when the markets close for the season, I’ve decided to hire a helper for Fridays.  Then I can put Matthew out on the road doing what he does best.  Selling!  Matt will be making contacts for us.  We need more delis and shops where our loyal customers can buy our cheese in the winter.  Not everyone goes to market and we hope to expand our customer base.

News Flash!!!!  Matt just tasted the asiago and declared it the best tasting cheese we have ever made!  Come to the park and see for yourself.

Surviving the Farmer’s Markets

“For the first time in my life I have found a passion that continues to grow and I can earn a living doing.  And it’s making cheese!” - Pamela Zorn “The Big Cheesemaker”

We sold so much cheese on Saturday that we went to the kitchen after market to make ricotta to have something to sell on Sunday.

We met a vendor who makes Jalapeno jelly.  He looked for us after he heard customers saying they were buying his jelly to use on the fabulous cream cheese they just bought.  He had to try for himself and told us our cream cheese was responsible for him selling more jelly this weekend.  This is good advertising.

Some people ask for sharper cheeses but I haven’t got any cheese older than four months.  As long as the younger cheeses sell so well, none will get older.  Aged cheese will have to wait for the farm.

I am going to buy one more pot, to up our production a little.  I am running out of storage space and won’t be able to make more aged cheese.  I will up my production of the soft cheeses, ricotta and cream, to sell at the park.  Feta cheese is turning out to be a huge seller.  It melts well and isn’t as salty as commercial feta.

Matt (aka li’l curd) and I just made a big batch of cotswold.  It’s a creamy cheddar type flavored with onion and chives.  I gave samples of the curds to the people here in the kitchen and all were anxious to taste the finished product.  Pam, who makes these wonderful cake balls, said she could sit down with a spoon and eat a whole bowl of the curds.  Do you suppose that’s what Miss Muffett was eating?

The cotswold has to age at least one month.  A lot of cheese making is a waiting game.  It can get nerve wracking if you try something new.  Hang in there.  We’ll let you know.


Thank you all again for helping make this such a fantastic journey.

Less than Three Weeks!!!

Here we go!

I am SUPPOSED to be packing and getting ready to move. You know, all the utilities getting scheduled to turn off here, turned on there…….. Yet, here I am, not able to do any of it. I was diagnosed with acute bronchitis on Thursday. I have been weak, tired, and coughing my guts up since Sunday morning.

On an up-note, I learned how to make cream cheese and not only is it the tastiest cream cheese I’ve ever eaten, it is also the easiest to make.

I am now re-thinking my decision not to make any fresh cheeses to sell. I may have to do a couple just because they taste so darn good. What that means though, is that I am going to need a pasteurizer to make the milk legal for fresh cheese. I had thought of only doing aged cheeses to avoid having to heat the milk at all.

The other thing I did this week, despite my illness, I bottled my first wine. I made a Tempranillo. I tasted it as it was being bottled and it was really good. A little young flavored, but good. It will be much better on December 1st when it will be ready to drink. I am going to bottle a Black Currant Port on Thursday and  am really looking forward to being able to taste that one.

On the farm front, I have been reading a really great book  by Joel Salatin. ‘The Entrepeneur’s Guide to Start and $ucceed In A Farming Enterprise”

I have really learned a lot about the things I can do to make our land better, rather than deplete it as most farming does. He goes further into the ” living naturally” then I really plan want to do but he has some really great things that I want to adopt for our farm.

I will have more news later this week and I hope you all are passing this site on to everyone you know. I hope that when I get the cheese operation going, ALL of you will be buying cheese from Zorn Family Farms!!

We’d love to hear from you. Do you have a favorite cheese that you would like me to try/make?

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