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Have an update from (almost) down on the farm. We inspected a small herd (20) of cows. They are so cute! most of them haven’t had babies yet but the little bull will take care of that. I get to see how good I am at teaching a cow to be milked. Yes, city dwellers, they do have to be trained. After they get used to it, they like it.
The financing is still being worked on. That always takes awhile, more rules. I need a place to put those cows!
Some good news for me. Robinsons dairy, the dairy I buy my milk from, is going to deliver it to the kitchen for me. It takes a load off my back, saves gas and time. I’m always short on time.
I have had some issues with the city health Dept. They don’t know how cheese is made so are balky about how I make mine. Ron went to the top, and got us a new inspector that actually understands how cheese is made and so we are free to do it they way it should be done now.
My Great White, The Cheese That Bites Back! is ready to eat. It is hot. I’m anxious to get feed back on it. I already have been given suggestions on how to use it.
Note from mom; ” I just got mine today. It is hot hot hot! Nachos for lunch and Mexican pizza for dinner. Yum”

New writer for the blog

Note from Mom;
Pamela and Ron are so busy getting the farm up and running that this blog doesn’t get updated as often as they would like. I will be writing it for them. It will be Pamela talking with an occasional note from me. Here we go.
April 1. I made sweet ricotta today for a potential customer. My ricotta is sweetened with organic agave syrup. This customer likes his ricotta really sweet!
I moved the brie’s to the big frig today. They are almost ready along with the green chili cheddar, its due date is May 6th, mom’s Birthday, good timing, right? (Mom- i can’t wait, I am buying a whole wheel)
April 4. My customer loved his sweet ricotta and placed a good order along with an order for cream cheese and asiago crumbles. He insisted on making Matt a beautiful sandwich. My brother says he likes cheese making but i think he comes with me for the free food. Delis like making sandwiches also.
I hadn’t planned on making the fresh cheese like cream cheese or ricotta but I made some because I like to know everything about cheese. It is so good! I have never cared for ricotta; I consider it a grainy cheese. Not mine! Yum.
I delivered my order to this Italian restaurant, the owner; chef is the one who likes the sweet ricotta. He noticed my brie cheeses (all dressed up in their new labels) in the tub with his order. I had to decline a sale as these were promised to love ones. I will show him brie at a later time.
I love chefs. They wax so eloquently about food. One called my stony bleu cheese “sexy”. One chef closed his eyes and was transported while tasting my cream cheese. I love my job.