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New writer for the blog

Note from Mom;
Pamela and Ron are so busy getting the farm up and running that this blog doesn’t get updated as often as they would like. I will be writing it for them. It will be Pamela talking with an occasional note from me. Here we go.
April 1. I made sweet ricotta today for a potential customer. My ricotta is sweetened with organic agave syrup. This customer likes his ricotta really sweet!
I moved the brie’s to the big frig today. They are almost ready along with the green chili cheddar, its due date is May 6th, mom’s Birthday, good timing, right? (Mom- i can’t wait, I am buying a whole wheel)
April 4. My customer loved his sweet ricotta and placed a good order along with an order for cream cheese and asiago crumbles. He insisted on making Matt a beautiful sandwich. My brother says he likes cheese making but i think he comes with me for the free food. Delis like making sandwiches also.
I hadn’t planned on making the fresh cheese like cream cheese or ricotta but I made some because I like to know everything about cheese. It is so good! I have never cared for ricotta; I consider it a grainy cheese. Not mine! Yum.
I delivered my order to this Italian restaurant, the owner; chef is the one who likes the sweet ricotta. He noticed my brie cheeses (all dressed up in their new labels) in the tub with his order. I had to decline a sale as these were promised to love ones. I will show him brie at a later time.
I love chefs. They wax so eloquently about food. One called my stony bleu cheese “sexy”. One chef closed his eyes and was transported while tasting my cream cheese. I love my job.

Less than Three Weeks!!!

Here we go!

I am SUPPOSED to be packing and getting ready to move. You know, all the utilities getting scheduled to turn off here, turned on there…….. Yet, here I am, not able to do any of it. I was diagnosed with acute bronchitis on Thursday. I have been weak, tired, and coughing my guts up since Sunday morning.

On an up-note, I learned how to make cream cheese and not only is it the tastiest cream cheese I’ve ever eaten, it is also the easiest to make.

I am now re-thinking my decision not to make any fresh cheeses to sell. I may have to do a couple just because they taste so darn good. What that means though, is that I am going to need a pasteurizer to make the milk legal for fresh cheese. I had thought of only doing aged cheeses to avoid having to heat the milk at all.

The other thing I did this week, despite my illness, I bottled my first wine. I made a Tempranillo. I tasted it as it was being bottled and it was really good. A little young flavored, but good. It will be much better on December 1st when it will be ready to drink. I am going to bottle a Black Currant Port on Thursday and  am really looking forward to being able to taste that one.

On the farm front, I have been reading a really great book  by Joel Salatin. ‘The Entrepeneur’s Guide to Start and $ucceed In A Farming Enterprise”

I have really learned a lot about the things I can do to make our land better, rather than deplete it as most farming does. He goes further into the ” living naturally” then I really plan want to do but he has some really great things that I want to adopt for our farm.

I will have more news later this week and I hope you all are passing this site on to everyone you know. I hope that when I get the cheese operation going, ALL of you will be buying cheese from Zorn Family Farms!!

We’d love to hear from you. Do you have a favorite cheese that you would like me to try/make?

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