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Since we arrived

We’ve been here a whole week already! Thanks to our wonderful son, Mike, we are all settled in and moved in.
On Sat we went to a ranch that raises the Dexters for beef. They had a lot of girls with new calves and some really good looking bulls. He said that he would probably be interested in buying my boy calves that I’m not going to want to keep. It was a really nice trip and I got to see for myself how friendly and TINY they really are. A couple of the yearling boys came right up to the fence and requested that I scratch their neck for them. I happily obliged. The ranch was nicely kept and the way his cattle reacted to him, showed how much he interacted with them and we could see he really loved them. Oh, and by the way, it did not smell at all! It smelled like fresh hay and earth. It was really nice to see such a great place for the cows.
I’ve been having a lot of trouble breathing still, but today was better and I’m hoping that means I am getting better. The weather has been warm in the daytime and nice and cool at night. It sure makes sleeping easy. Although I have been waking up really early. Good practice for when I get the cows!

My brother and his family should be here any day now and I’m really looking forward to spending time with him/them.
Mike got his mushroom kit in the mail today so he can pin down what kind of mushrooms he wants to grow.
We met with a soon-to be- lawyer who specializes in farm law and stuff. He was really nice and has already sent us some information that will be helpful.