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Lots happening!!!

Hi everyone! Welcome to all the new followers. I know its been a while but lots has been happening…… we applied to and were accepted into, two of the biggest local farmers markets here in Denver. We were told that these were the ones to join.
we have been furiously making cheese to get ready for the season. Which, by the way starts in May.
I just starting selling the first batch of blue cheese that I made almost two months ago. It is dry, creamy and deliciously melt y and blue y. Not too strong but definitively a good blue. I was told by a potential client that it is a ‘sexy’ looking cheese. I think I’m going to need to UP my blue cheese production.
I spoke today to a new ‘potential’ client about making Ricotta for his very small and exclusive salumi shop. I’m going to make some tomorrow and take it over to him to taste. If he likes it……..:^)).

We gave up on the property that we had found and started looking again. well, we found an even better place!!! It is 417 acres and lots of outbuildings on it. we are in the process of getting financing to buy it. We can do lots with that much land!
We are very close to being able to buy the land and move on. I figure (hope) that we will be milking our own cows by this time next year! Yay!!!!!

I started some new varieties of cheese this month. I have some gouda, brie and as of tomorrow, ricotta.

I had a slight problem with my thermometer, it wasn’t calibrated correctly, so I had some interesting things happen to my curd. I made some asiago, and it looked fine. I pressed it over night, it came out of the press fine, I brined it in heavy brine overnight. The next morning, when I tried to lift it out of the brine, it disintegrated into the brine, completely. I was upset, of course. I sat down and looked at it for a while. I left it in the brine for about an hour and decided to drain it into cheese cloth and see what i could do with it. After it was drained, I tasted it.  It was awesome!!! A little salty, so I rinsed them and let everyone in the kitchen taste them. They loved them. So, I let them dry a little and then packaged them in four ounce containers and promptly sold a whole pound of them. I call them Salad Crumbles. A very happy accident. My very wise and lovely cheese teacher and mentor, once told me, “never throw your mistakes away, no matter what, it’s cheese. It may not be exactly what you were going for, but it IS cheese” Thanks Gi! I have learned that it is very true.