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We made the first move!!

Okay, I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated. I have an excuse( reason ). We did it! We moved to Colorado. It is the first step in getting the farm up and running.
Ron and Mike seem to be adjusting to the altitude, I, however, am having asthma attacks, one after the other. I have to use my inhaler every four hours on the dot or suffer the coughing fit.

So, now that we are here, the list of things to do is endless. We need to start looking at land again, before the snow flies.
I need to find the two farms here in CO that already have the Dexters that I’m going to need.
I’m hoping to visit the farms and maybe work for a couple of days with them. (after I catch my breath)
The next steps involve grants and loans and USDA stuff. So the winter will be busy with all that.

On CO, so far I really like the people, everyone is really friendly. A few of our neighbors came and introduced themselves. We have a really great view of Pikes Peak from our back deck. I’m told that we have deer, bears, hawks, coyotes, and MOUNTAIN LIONS! We have a small park behind our house that a lion suns himself in, on of the slides. Great!

I will update again soon. Have to get some unpacking done.

This Marks the Start of the Actual Moving Process!

As much as we wanted to start earlier, things just didn’t happen that way. However, all day today is about getting things done. Sifting through, what to keep and what to get rid of. Everyone’s support is much appreciated and will help us in the long run. It is what drives our passion. Over the next couple weeks, we will most likely be a bit quiet here, but stick with us, and as soon as we get connected in Colorado, we will be updating you all with the next steps in our journey.

Less than Three Weeks!!!

Here we go!

I am SUPPOSED to be packing and getting ready to move. You know, all the utilities getting scheduled to turn off here, turned on there…….. Yet, here I am, not able to do any of it. I was diagnosed with acute bronchitis on Thursday. I have been weak, tired, and coughing my guts up since Sunday morning.

On an up-note, I learned how to make cream cheese and not only is it the tastiest cream cheese I’ve ever eaten, it is also the easiest to make.

I am now re-thinking my decision not to make any fresh cheeses to sell. I may have to do a couple just because they taste so darn good. What that means though, is that I am going to need a pasteurizer to make the milk legal for fresh cheese. I had thought of only doing aged cheeses to avoid having to heat the milk at all.

The other thing I did this week, despite my illness, I bottled my first wine. I made a Tempranillo. I tasted it as it was being bottled and it was really good. A little young flavored, but good. It will be much better on December 1st when it will be ready to drink. I am going to bottle a Black Currant Port on Thursday and  am really looking forward to being able to taste that one.

On the farm front, I have been reading a really great book  by Joel Salatin. ‘The Entrepeneur’s Guide to Start and $ucceed In A Farming Enterprise”

I have really learned a lot about the things I can do to make our land better, rather than deplete it as most farming does. He goes further into the ” living naturally” then I really plan want to do but he has some really great things that I want to adopt for our farm.

I will have more news later this week and I hope you all are passing this site on to everyone you know. I hope that when I get the cheese operation going, ALL of you will be buying cheese from Zorn Family Farms!!

We’d love to hear from you. Do you have a favorite cheese that you would like me to try/make?

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