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The Vision

Living in Southern California, we thought we had really found the leading edge of the Organic and Natural Farming movement that seems to be beginning in America.  We were wrong!  During a recent visit to the Denver area for unrelated work, we found that the efforts in Colorado far surpass those we were seeing in California.  This realization made it very clear that Colorado was the place for us to create the farm we wanted.  We really want to show that the values of days past, along with the benefits of current technology can be married successfully, and that the result would yield the quality products without having to resort to the unnatural practices that are running rampant in too many facets of the food industry today.  We would like to show that, as a society, we can reintroduce the family farms and their personal touches that we have lost with the mammoth conglomerates which are focused only on the profit levels, without being forced to live in poverty.